ISP in a BOX is an in-house developed control panel, NOT like cPanel, Plesk and Helm. ISP in a BOX lets you easily manage your clients ISP services, web hosting DNS, ADSL and emails through a powerful web-based interface.

ISP in a BOX allows you manage thousands of clients via a single control panel form any ware on the internet.

Our system allows you to create your own representatives to sell ISP services under your company name.

Agent that sells ISP services under their own names buy they buy the services from you.

Clients can manage their own services, you decide their access.

What is ISP in a BOX good for?

  • Quickly and easily setting up and configuring clients Internet services using a fast and dominant web-based control panel with simple to use menus and services.
  • ISP in a BOX control panel is:
  • All Automated, Modular, Safe, Efficient and Cost-effective.
  • ISP in a BOX control panel is an incredibly advanced system that should meet most, if not all, of your ISP’s needs.
  • ISP in a BOX interface with all suppliers and different servers and domain registrar.

We provide all Internet products and services, billing reports and debit orders, infrastructure and backbone equipment branded in your company name.

inX ISP in a BOX will empower you to become an in depended ISP in South Africa

The ISP in a BOX program was designed for individuals and all computer retails who want to generate a substantial recurring income.

Why would I want to be an ISP with ISP in a BOX

  • To become your clients ONE STOP SHOP.
  • To create passive income.
  • No need to spending huge amounts of capital on infrastructure, staff, monitoring or email servers, or any power and data centre maintenance contracts, fire walls and hardware.

Internet products and services are based on a monthly subscription. You generate an income based on the total number of clients you have.

Stay in control of your clients and their services for the duration of your contract with ISP in a BOX.

  • You sell all products at your OWN prices.
  • You market and sell your OWN ISP products, (we work behind the scenes and make you look like the winner).
  • You become the one stop shop for your clients.
  • You run your own support.
  • You invoice your own clients.
  • You can sign up your own agents (agents will sell ISP products under their own name.)
  • You can sign up your own representatives (representatives sell ISP products under your name at your prices, and you pay the representative a monthly commission).
  • Through ISP in a BOX we provide you with all the tools (own control panel) to manage your client’s services.
  • All internet services will be branded under your company name.

ISP in a BOX does not work on a commission structure like all other ISP resellers. The recurring profit that you make is yours. You stay in control.

As a ISP through inX ISP in a BOX you will receive the following services below.
You are the ISP. | Your clients. | Run your own ISP services. | Debit Order system.

Domain branding

Your own domain name of your choice

Domain extentions

(.co.za, .com, or .net).
This domain will be used as the main website of your ISP, as well as the domain emails for clients without their own domains (e.g. if your domain is www.inX.co.za, then user Bob could choose an email address bob@inx.co.za). This is just another means of advertisement and branding for your company.

Own Website

We will design your ISP web site branded under your company colors and logo, this will be your advertisement window to the world.

You will be able to update the content of your web site via your own CRM system.

Debit Orders and billing reports

Via the ISP in a BOX system we automatically produce your monthly billing report.

We supply you with your own debit order system, after your debit order runs; we then pay you the difference between the wholesale and retail prices, every month.

You make your own prices to your clients; you can run your debit orders for all other services via our system.

Control Panel

ISP in a BOX’s Control Systems is in house developed; the system is developed to make life simple and easy for you. No training is required like CPanel.

You have complete access of your clients 7/24/365; you remain in control of your own ISP and of your clients.

Our ISP in a BOX systems have been designed with the following key philosophies in mind.
Create your own AGENTS to sell their own ISP services under you.

Create your own Representatives to sell your ISP services under your company name and pay them a commission.

Our ISP in a BOX systems is;

  • Effortlessness
  • Our ISP in a BOX systems are web-based.
  • Steadfastness
  • Our systems are built upon a solid foundation of Linux MySQL and Ruby on Rails.
  • Flexibility
  • Our system is built to be flexible and painless growth.

Product List

  • Dial Up’s.
  • IS Dial up’s.
  • SAIX Dial up’s.
  • IS ISDN Dial up’s.
  • SAIX Dial up’s.
  • ADLS Services.
  • IS Capped ADSL.
  • IS Capped ADSL with static IP’s.
  • IS Uncapped ADSL with static IP’s.
  • SAIX Capped ADSL.
  • SAIX Local ADSL.
  • IS ADSL Stats. (All IS ADSL Stats are mailed to clients)
  • Upgrade / Downgrade of ADSL.
  • Top up’s on ADSL.
  • Transfers of services between clients, agents or reps.
  • Change of any passwords.
  • Suspend services or delete of any services at any time.
  • Mobile internet access.
  • MTN 3G and HSDP.
  • Vodacom 3G and HSDP.
  • iBurst.
  • Leased Lines.
  • WiMAX.
  • Fax to Email (different system).
  • Bulk SMS (different system).
  • Domains and Hosting Services.
  • Register all domain names.
  • Advance DNS management.
  • Park domains.
  • Pointing of domains.
  • Change DNS Settings.
  • Transfer domain names.
  • Hosting.
  • Add Hosting Services.
  • South African Hosting.
  • International Hosting.
  • Upgrade / Downgrade.
  • Add Data Base. Change passwords.
  • Remove hosting services.
  • Emails / Aliases.
  • Create emails.
  • Change passwords.
  • Add aliases.
  • Delete emails.
  • Server Hosting Services
  • VPS (Virtual Private Servers)
  • Web Design.
  • Static pages.
  • Web in a BOX Web dynamic sites.
  • Corporate website solutions.
  • Reselling of services.
  • Reselling of your services to Agents.
  • Representatives to sell your services under your own name.

The requirements to become an ISP in a BOX reseller are the core essentials that are based around the IT industry as a whole.

The only skills that you need that we don’t provide you if you don’t already have it is business knowledge and the drive to overcome your competition.

An understanding of the internet and how it works is also an essential base to work from.
The base we are talking about is the knowledge you would normally find most of us have for example what is a domain name, DNS and ADSL?
These are all terms you should be familiar with and should you need a refresher you can always Google it.

The ISP in a BOX system is an all round total solution and we even provide you the platform to run debit orders.

Having this and other core value added solutions in easily manageable platform is the entire reason why INX has been blazing a leading trail for over 8 years.

The other core equipment you will need is a connection to the internet, we are able to assist you in acquiring a connection as after all you will be an ISP and all good businesses use their own products.

Following this before you sign up you need to think about an appropriate name for your new ISP and check to see that the domain is available.
The Inx business model revolves around similar minded people getting into a working partnership and you the new ISP having the ability to compete in a real competitive nature with any provider in the market ANY PROVIDER.

What we provide you is the required hardware and expertise to compete namely, DNS, MX WEB and all other base servers fully redundant and secure in one of the biggest IDC in South Africa.

We provide an entry to advanced level packages ranging from basic hosting and connectivity all the way to Virtual private servers (VPS) and Ruby on rails hosting.

INX is a Linux house however we can provide Microsoft based services from basic packages all the way to fully managed hosted exchange.

The only requirement left for you is to make your newly formed ISP a success with INX supporting you all the way.


ISP in a BOX supplies you with a fast and efficient control panel that will be used to manage and create all clients and services.

  • We supply you up to date live billing reports
  • Live statistics
  • Live create ion of clients and services
  • Live suspensions
  • Live deletions
  • Live top up’s of exhausted ADSL’s

As an independent ISP, you will have to:

  • Provide first line of support to customers. Only when you have exhausted your own resources in resolving a problem should you contact ISP in a BOX.
  • Ensure that you and your clients adhere to ISP in a BOX Code of Practice and Use Policy.
  • Provide direct billing and invoicing to customers.
  • Ensure that your account with ISP in a BOX is kept up to date.
  • Responsible Resellers establish notification and take-down procedures for unlawful content and activity and respond expeditiously to such notifications.


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c/o Begin and Buiten Str. Krugersdorp North, Gauteng
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