ISP in a BOX is the most cost effective wholesale ISP. With ISP in a BOX you will become the ISP without sending any capital on hardware or technical skilled employees.

An Agent is a person or company that supply internet services via ISP in a BOX but are signed up under you the ISP

  1. Agents will be create in ISP in a BOX by yourself.
  2. Agents will have the same facility as you.
  3. Agent will not see your cost prices, your selling price to Agent will be displayed in their price lists.

An agent will be responsible for their his own support, billing and debit orders.

  • You as the ISP will be responsible for your agents billing to ISP in a BOX.
  • Your monthly billing will include your agents services.
  • You and your agent will have separate billing reports in ISP in a BOX.

Functionality of a agent

  1. Agents are allowed to add services for clients via the live system.
  2. Live statistics.
  3. Live create ion of clients and services.
  4. Live suspensions.
  5. Live deletions.
  6. Live top up’s of exhausted ADSL’s
  7. Provide first line of support to customers.
  8. Ensure that you and your clients adhere to ISP in a BOX Code of Practice and Use Policy.
  9. Provide direct billing and invoicing to customers.
  10. Ensure that your account with ISP in a BOX is kept up to date.


All actions in ISP in a BOX will be written to an audit report.

You want to become an ISP for a few reasons.

  1. To become your current IT clientele’s one stop shop.
    1. You need the clients to phone your company for all their computer services, ADSL in not working, you do not want your client to become a number and speak ever time to a direct support person at a outsourced call center.
    2. Client just want to phone one company speaking to one or two support personnel, and build a relationship.
  2. You want to build an internet brand and bundle the services with your networking contracts or computer sales.
    1. You want clients to pay you for all their IT services.
  3. You want to own your own client base.
  4. You want your own control panel for the setting up of client’s accounts, hosting, domains, ADSL top ups, upgrades.
  5. You want your clients to stay manage their own services.
  6. 24/7 Back-up support
  7. Access to world class services like:
    1. Run your own ISP services like:…
    2. Domain Name Registrations
    3. DNS
    4. E-Mail and Web Hosting
    5. Fiber Access
    6. ADSL Solutions
    7. Resell of other services
      1. E Mail Archiving
      2. Spam Solutions
      3. Bulk SMS
      4. Fax to Email
      5. Web Design
      6. Give clients the power to build their own web sites online
      7. Server hosting
      8. Off site online backups.

How much money will I make as a Internet Service Provider?

You are free to determine your profits, you decide your own pricing to your customers.

What does it cost to start an ISP?.

No Capital to spend to start your own ISP
We have minimum monthly fee of R200-00

R230.00 Per month including debit orders


R300.00 Per month including Agents and Debit Orders


R150.00 Per month You will then do your own hosting and email services but can sell all other services.

Fees cover the costs involved in getting you set up as an ISP with ISP in a BOX.All transactions are done via debit order.

You will invoice your own clients at your own price.

All Costs and products are Excluding VAT.


We supply wholesale prices to you, you add your profit to it and sell the products to your clients.

Normal Capped ADSL starting from R7.50 per GIG, the bigger caps you buy the cheaper it becomes.


Our ISP re-seller program empowers you to start an independent and successful ISP business without sending huge amount of capital, all products are branded under your company name, and you can:

Effectively expand your current services and product offerings.
Ensure recurring financial income.
Value adding services to existing client base.


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